Writer’s Block

Writer's Block

From when I was nominated for a Midtown International Theatre Festival Award for the play Writer’s Block. I was credited for assistant sound design. Click on the image for a larger view. (My name is highlighted in blue.)

Here’s some info about the play.

Writer’s Block is written by Shaun Gunning, who also plays Daniel, and he imbues him with much hand-wringing and desperation for easy laughs. His comic foil is his agent Paula, played by the charming Kate Dulcich, who has promised her boss a finished follow-up play to “Triple Threat” within two hours. Daniel has piles of wasted paper stacked up around his apartment, and as he types we see ill-fated scenes played out by the characters from doomed plays. Paula spends her time alternately cajoling and berating Daniel to try to get him to write something—anything—before the deadline so that she gets to keep her job.